Why Are So Many Healthcare Provider Enrolling?

very easy qualifying guidelines


All the Applicant needs is a credit score above 499 with no recent bankruptcies or collections, and they can be approved.

100% Provider Pay-outs


Your Practice will be paid 100% of your fee for every Patient/Applicant that qualifies for a credit program. No Discounted Payouts.

great rates and 0% interest


We have several programs with low fixed rates, low fixed payments, and 0% introductory periods. Patients love this! 

No contracts


We are a "Pay Only For Performance" company. That means you can cancel your service agreement with us at any time.

no enrollment fees


You will not have to pay anything to give our service a try. We do not charge any kind of an enrollment fee to get started.

no recourse


After you are paid and the procedure is completed, there is no recourse if the Patient/Borrower stops paying.