If you are looking for another Product Line or a Door Opener


Finance Your Care might be a perfect match!

At Finance Your Care, our service is in very high demand, and it is FREE for Healthcare Providers to use. As such, it makes a perfect product line to add to your portfolio of medical or dental supplies. Whether you are looking for another income stream, or just a way to get your foot in the door of a Practice, you should consider the opportunities we offer for Healthcare Representatives with Finance Your Care. 

complete support and tracking

As a Representative, you will be given a Finance Your Care Rep ID that is automatically tied in to every Provider you enroll. As a result, you will be able to track what each of your Enrolled Providers are producing and calculate your commissions 24/7.

great residual income

We will not go into exact details as to your commissions on this site. But you will earn 50% of the gross revenues collected from each Practice you enroll. Just enroll a few Providers and you will be  earning a nice residual income. What may start out as a door opener, could turn in to a great income. 


When you do, you will be directed to our "Contact Page". Just submit that form and put in the comments section that you are interested in becoming a Representative for our company.